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        Mariner Health Care Services

        Life at Mariner Health Care

        Life At Mariner

        Some of those activities are listed below, but each resident brings new interests to our facilities:
        • Family night with presentation of interest to residents
        • Movie and popcorn night
        • Internet access with basic computer instruction
        • Bingo
        • Discussion groups
        • Tea/coffee/ice cream afternoon socials
        • Off-site sporting events
        • On site sports zone
        • Music programs
        • Holiday celebrations
        • Exercise/Wellness programs
        • Visual, auditory and mental stimulation activities in the form of vidio tapes, games and other resources
        • Current events and special interest groups
        • Pet therapy
        • Arts and crafts
        • Religious celebrations
        • Dances and wheelchair dancing
        • Candlelight dinner for residents and family
        • Beauty and barber shop on site or visiting beautician/barber
        • Group exercise class
        • Group games and competition
        • Restaurant samplings
        • Support groups
        • Gardening
        • Group activities for lower functioning residents
        • Various in room programs
        • Cooking class
        • Book club and other leisure interest groups
        • Drama and skits for residents and families
        • Guest speakers
        • Room visits by volunteers